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Michigan Asian American Progressives is a newly formed progressive grassroots organization focusing on civic engagement and intersectional community organizing for Asian American women and families in the State of Michigan. Our issues include youth and women empowerment, increased language access, revenue generation and increased resources for our communities especially for culturally competent health care, education, immigrants, and low-wage workers, particularly through this current pandemic. 

Our theory of change includes multiple strategies for power, developing leadership and organizing capacity within Asian American communities and targeting Asian American women and young people in particular around relational organizing and political education will move local state and federal progressive policy and help elect progressive candidates to champion those issues. We believe that an election is an opportunity to increase engagement and build organizing relationships with our constituency, and that positive electoral and policy wins are one tool for empowering our communities. Election cycles are opportunities for leadership development and candidate recruitment through the organizing process.


MAAP Candidate Endorsements

After a careful evaluation of local, state and federal candidates, MAAP members voted to endorse the persons who will best champion the key issues important to our organization. Each candidate was required to respond to MAAP’s platform, providing their work plans to implement policy and changes that benefit the Michigan Asian-American community in the following areas: immigration, economic justice, education, healthcare, transformative justice and an inclusive democracy.

To that end, Michigan Asian American and progressive candidates made history in the 2020 General Election. Congratulations to their campaigns and all the volunteers who made this victory possible. For a moment staff and volunteers can rest, recharge then reorganize--this election is over, but we have work to do!​

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Get Counted 2020

Getting an accurate Census count is a vital step toward ensuring our communities get the funding, support, and resources they need. Are you ready to make your voice heard in 2020?

You can submit your Census form by mail, online, or over the phone.

For more information, or to get counted online, go to


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Official state updates on the status of COVID-19 in Michigan


Sites offering free lunches for struggling students during school closures

Get up to date resources and take action with us around a just COVID-19 response

During these difficult times, it’s important that we all stay informed and support

our communities. These resources can help us all get through this pandemic.

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